Match Stats for Blood Bowl

Want to keep track of your favorite fantasy football board game?
Fed up with using pen and paper?
Don’t know where you left those precious dices?
Here is your solution: MATCH STATS FOR BLOOD BOWL!

MATCH STATS FOR BLOOD BOWL easily helps keeping record of all your teams, players, matches, and all other crucial information a typical day on the pitch brings up.

MATCH STATS FOR BLOOD BOWL comes will following features:
– complies to LRB6/CRP
– unlimited number of matches (new, running, and finished)
– unlimited number of teams
– 21 team races (amongst others humans, orcs, dwarfs, and elves) with complete team roster, player type attributes and skills
– 3 BBRC approved teams: Chaos Pact, Slann, Underworld
– match completion statistics
– team value calculation
– fame and fan number determination
– skill details table
– player improvement tracking
– injury determination and tracking- skill improvement tables
– player images
– block-, 6- and 8-sided dices

and more!

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